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The Galveston Bay Regional Monitoring Database (RMD) is an interactive portal that provides quality assured data related to the conservation and management of Galveston Bay. Through the Galveston Bay RMD Portal data collected by federal, state, and local governments; universities; and research organizations can be viewed, explored, and downloaded. The current version supports the RMD Phase I release. The remaining Phase II and III of the Galveston Bay RMD will be released on a rolling schedule with the full portal completed in 2023. The Galveston Bay RMD, together with the Galveston Bay Plan, supports the Galveston Bay Estuary Program, its subcommittees and the Galveston Bay Council.

Datasets included in the Galveston Bay RMD are informed by ecosystem indicators which are measures identified to gage the environmental health and well-being of Galveston Bay. Data describe water and sediment quality, coastal fisheries and bird populations, the suitability of waterways for recreational activities, and key habitats including wetland, forest, and prairie environments. Data within the Galveston Bay RMD are available for the spatial domain of the project study area - the Lower Galveston Bay Watershed. Many long-term monitoring datasets are available starting in the 1970 s and all datasets are provided for the full period of record unless otherwise noted.

The Galveston Bay RMD provides data and interactive tools relevant to conservation and management of Galveston Bay. For a comprehensive narrative overview of Galveston Bay and conclusions that can be drawn from these data, explore State of the Bay: A Characterization of the Galveston Bay Ecosystem.

Data Downloads
Data DownloadsTo download complete spatial and tabular data sets pertaining to Human Role, Water and Sediment Quality, Bay and Public Health, Freshwater Inflows, Habitat, Coastal Fisheries and Wildlife, and Invasive Species use the Data Download feature.
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Data CatalogueTo explore datasets available in the RMD Portal along with supporting information, interact with an inventory describing all available data, or download the complete data catalogue for reference.
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This project is funded with a grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality's Galveston Bay Estuary Program.